Connecticut Poultry Breeders

Super Grand Champion, Jerry Yeaw
Reserve Champion Bantam by Marco & Melissa Mizzoni
Champion Standard by Tucker Stanley
Reserve Champion Standard by Dan Castle
Champion Waterfowl by Barry Roberts
Champion Goose by Billy Kierkla
Champion Turkey by Debbie Ross
Junior CHAMPIONS 2014
Super Grand Champion by Victoria Vior
Res. Super Grand Champion by Amy Jane Wiknik
Res Champion Bantam by Brittany Shippee
Res. Champion Standard by Amy Jane Wiknik
Champion Waterfowl by Michael Aguiar
Connecticut Poultry Breeders Society 2013 Results

The Judges were :  Erik Nelsen & Jackie Koedatich

Super Grand Champion & Champion Bantam was a White Plymouth Rock By Matt Martin

Res. Grand Champion & Res. Champion Bantam was a Black Cochin by Gaetano Farms

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2015 Super Grand Champion 
White Silke Pullet by Kate Morreale
Grand Champion Standard- Wes Sheldon's White Wyandotte Cockerel
Champion Turkey- Matt & Sarah Kmetz's 
Black Spanish
Grand Champion Waterfowl- Chelsey Skotek

2013 Super Grand Champion & Champion Bantam  
White Plymouth Rock By Matt Martin

2013 Res. Grand Champion & Res. Champion 
Bantam  Black Cochin by Gaetano Farms

Super Grand Champion 2014
White Leghorn Pullet by Jerry Yeaw